Genuine Rii Mini i8+ Backlit Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard Remote /w Trackpad


  • Full QWERTY keyboard layout
  • Full LED backlight for use in dark environments
  • Range extension cable with extra USB charge plug
  • Track pad mouse with tap-to-click response and multi-touch scroll
  • Multimedia keys (play, pause, skip, volume, mute)
  • Directional keypad for easy menu navigation
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del key to easily reboot your device
  • Page up / Page down keys
  • Power and Low battery LED indicators
  • On/off switch
  • Mini USB charge port
  • Non-slip grip
  • Anti-counterfeit serial number included with every device
  • Warranty: 1 Year


We only sell genuine products, and the Rii Mini i8+ is no exception. Almost every other vendor who sells these keyboard remotes are selling the knockoffs which have a fraction of the range, no backlight, bad battery life, poor trackpad response, and sticky keys. Simply put, if you don’t have an authentic Rii i8+ keyboard remote, you’re TV box experience is suffering.

Next to using a full computer mouse and keyboard, the Ri  Mini i8+ wireless keyboard is your go-to input device for your TV box. Gone are the days of using the standard remote to painfully find and select each letter of the on-screen keyboard during a search. Now you can get the full computer experience from your TV box with this all-in-one track pad and keyboard remote. Control your movies, music, web searches, reply to emails… you name it. Plus, it’s rechargeable too!




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